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Comfortable shoes are now for sale at TAMBOGA SHOES

Comfortable shoes are now for sale at TAMBOGA SHOES

Tamboga Shoes is a wholesale who takes the selling of shoes to a whole different level.

At Tamboga Shoes you are taking advantages of low prices. This is because we are buying our shoes directly from the factory without the intermediate of another wholesaler. This is saving money for us so it will save money for you.

At Tamboga Shoes the variation are endlessly. We have the latest fashion styles which you can match with all the  seasons. Tamboga Shoes has the latest trends in shoe fashion no matter if it is a formal occasion or a sport occasion. All our shoes are imported with care from Germany, France and Italy. Our prices are related on wholesale prices. The more you buy from our stock the less you pay a piece.

We can deliver our products  with your own custom brand or logo. The shoes are delivered with shoebox this is also branded with your logo. However there is a minimum purchase order when you order shoes with your brand. This is negotiable  when you apply for a quotation.

Tamboga Shoes guarantees the quality of their shoes that is why we are offering you a NO GOOD=MONEY BACK offer.

Tamboga Shoes there where fashion and quality are mixed.

Are u curious or do you have any question please do not hesitate and contact us:

About Tamboga Shoes wholesale


Take advantage of the incredible price savings when shopping wholesale shoes from Tamboga shoes. When running a store, this is something that must be kept in mind to be able to make a greater return on your money and continuously grow your company.

If your clients are the type who prefers flats, then you will be pleased with the large selection available at Tamboga Shoes. From casual canvas to flashy metallic shoes, there is footwear for every personality or occasion.

Tamboga Shoes as well features a wide selection of booties. There are many different colors to choose from as well.

Acquiring footwear at wholesale prices is a wise choice for creating a larger profit margin for your business. With the amount of styles and colors that are readily available to purchase any time of day, there is no way to go wrong. Choose Tamboga Shoes for your next wholesale order. You won't be disappointed.

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